If you are interested in having a rabbit as a pet but aren’t sure about the commitment of owning your own rabbit, then perhaps becoming a foster home may be perfect for you. Providing a foster home for a rabbit in need gives you the opportunity to help a rabbit without the long term commitment of owning your own. Foster homes are the backbone to our program, without them, we wouldn’t be able to rescue.

Fostering is quite easy.

All that is required of you is that you provide love and care for the rabbit until it finds its forever home.

Some of the foster home responsibilities are:

Provide for the day to day needs of the rabbit. This includes, but is not limited to, hay, pellets, fresh greens, litter, nail trimming, grooming and toys.

  • Socialize the rabbit with frequent and gentle handling
  • Transport the rabbit for it’s neuter/spay appointment
  • Work on litter box training
  • Supply general information about the rabbit’s personality as well as updated pictures.
  • Be available to answer questions about the foster rabbits
  • Be available for prospective adopters to meet the rabbits
  • Make at least one follow up phone call to the adoptive home

Some of Luv-A-Bun’s responsibilities are:

  • Provide for the spay/neuter of the rabbit
  • Provide any needed medical care
  • Advertise the rabbit for adoption or sponsorship
  • Perform adoption interviews and referrals
  • Receive the adoption donations
  • Assist in providing cages for foster homes