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The Easter Bunny “dump” has already started

Every Easter, thousands of bunnies are purchased for young children who beg  for an Easter bunny all of their own.  Soon thereafter, reality sets in and the cute little bunny that was purchased on impulse now finds itself dumped at the local shelter or let loose in the park.  This year, it has happened sooner than expected.  Just a week after Easter our county shelter received up to 15 bunnies.  Luv  A  Bun was able to take two – certainly not enough, but that is all the room we have right now.  Animal Care and Control will do their best to put all of them up for adoption and give each one a fair chance at finding a new home.

Happy Spring!

Penelope is sitting pretty now that she has been rescued.

Penelope was a through away bunny. No longer wanted.  No longer loved.  No longer cared for.  She was rescued off the streets.  She has received a lot of TLC and her injuries have all healed.  Sadly, her bonded mate did not survive living in the wild.  If you are considering adopting a bunny please remember that they are a ten year commitment and not a novelty in and Easter Basket.  Please read about rabbit care and behavior to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you and your family 🙂