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Choose to adopt Instead of Shop

Please make adoption your option and choose to adopt instead of shop.  There are too man;y homelss bunnies needing homes.  The pet stores make it all too easy for unsuspected walk-ins to fall in love with the 4 week old babies they have for sale.  We don’t have any 4  week old babies for adoption but we surely do have  a lot of awesome bunnies who desire deserve a home of their own.

Take some time and read through the website to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you and your family.  If you feel a rabbit is the right pet for you, please fill out an applcation.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Adoptions

Summertime.  The kids are out of school.  There is fun in the sun and many vacations to take.

Summertime means relaxation and memories with friends and family.  Summertime for rabbit rescues aren’t as busy.  Summer for rabbit rescues are the slow months for adoptions as people are busy planning their vacations and keeping busy with the kids home from school.  Adding a friend to the family is usually not high on the priority list.  What is quite popular during this time are surrenders.  With everyone busy they find they don’t have or want to spend the time to take care of their bunnies. So summer for us is usually slow for adoptions but high for surrenders.  We can only take a bunny if one gets adopted.  Luckily for Luv A Bun we had a very active summer despite the odds being against us 🙂  We had 15 adoptions during the summer months.  We are so fortunate that we found loving indoor homes for these 15 bunnies and in turn were able to save 15 more.  Pictured are Koko, Bob, Polo and Sammie – you lucky buns!!!

Simba’s Pride – Three Weeks Old

Simba’s Pride is just so adorable. They made their big debut with professional photographer Stacey Chen from Kiwi Photography.  She loves bunnies and loves to take their pictures.  She captured some beautiful moments of the bunnies at this tender young age.  Thank you Stacey!!! The babies are hopping about and are eating hay and pellets, but their favorite meal still comes from their mommy!  They are getting used to all the attention we dote on them and are becoming quite the personable little buns.  Whenever we walk past their cage they run up to say hello.  When we open and put our faces in, they put their paws on us and touch us with their lil’ wee whiskers.  They are just too precious. 

We are so excited…We are officially a 501(c)3 Charity!!!

Luv A Bun is so happy to announce that we were granted our 501(c)3 tax exempt status.  We are now an official charity registered with the IRS.  YEAH!!!! We worked very hard on the application – lots and lots of paper work!!!  A great big thank you to Luv- N- Bunns Rabbit Rescue in PA. for their guidance and assistance with completing our application.  (too funny that we nearly have the same name and aren’t affiliated with one another. We discovered each other when they began receiving some emails that were intended for me LOL)

The Easter Bunny “dump” has already started

Every Easter, thousands of bunnies are purchased for young children who beg  for an Easter bunny all of their own.  Soon thereafter, reality sets in and the cute little bunny that was purchased on impulse now finds itself dumped at the local shelter or let loose in the park.  This year, it has happened sooner than expected.  Just a week after Easter our county shelter received up to 15 bunnies.  Luv  A  Bun was able to take two – certainly not enough, but that is all the room we have right now.  Animal Care and Control will do their best to put all of them up for adoption and give each one a fair chance at finding a new home.

Happy Spring!

Penelope is sitting pretty now that she has been rescued.

Penelope was a through away bunny. No longer wanted.  No longer loved.  No longer cared for.  She was rescued off the streets.  She has received a lot of TLC and her injuries have all healed.  Sadly, her bonded mate did not survive living in the wild.  If you are considering adopting a bunny please remember that they are a ten year commitment and not a novelty in and Easter Basket.  Please read about rabbit care and behavior to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you and your family 🙂

Thank You…

Thank you to all 12 of the wonderful Luv A Bun volunteers who came to our “Fundraising and Awareness” meeting tonight.  We covered a lot of ground on how to begin fundraising for our goal of having our own shelter.  We will be working hard on bringing awareness to South Florida and getting the word out that Palm Beach County has a bunny rescue.  We are going to take advantage of the spring time to educate the public that Easter and bunnies don’t mix by supporting the “Make Mine Chocolate Campaign”   This is a national campaign that encourages everyone to give a chocolate bunny instead of a real bunny.  I am so proud of our ideas tonight and I can’t wait to see them in action.  Hay and Carrots to everyone 🙂

Please don’t…

The South Florida Fair is here and the bunnies at Luv A Bun are wiggling their noses as fast as they can to send out their message…please don’t purchase a bunny on impulse.  Hops and Hopper shout out, “We are a ten year commitment.” Lenny and Lynnette say, “We are house pets.” and Sunni Bunni wants everyone to know that we don’t like to sit in our cages, we like to exercise and be a part of the family.”  Binkies and Bunny Kisses from the Luv A Bun bunnies!

New Year…New Look

We have changed our website.  Tell us what you think!!!

Hoppy New Year!!!!

From all of us at Luv A Bun, we wish you a safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year.  May 2010 be filled with many bunny binkies, bunny snuggles,  and crunchy carrots!The faces behind Luv-A-Bun.