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Choose to adopt Instead of Shop

Please make adoption your option and choose to adopt instead of shop.  There are too man;y homelss bunnies needing homes.  The pet stores make it all too easy for unsuspected walk-ins to fall in love with the 4 week old babies they have for sale.  We don’t have any 4  week old babies for adoption but we surely do have  a lot of awesome bunnies who desire deserve a home of their own.

Take some time and read through the website to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you and your family.  If you feel a rabbit is the right pet for you, please fill out an applcation.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Adoptions

Summertime.  The kids are out of school.  There is fun in the sun and many vacations to take.

Summertime means relaxation and memories with friends and family.  Summertime for rabbit rescues aren’t as busy.  Summer for rabbit rescues are the slow months for adoptions as people are busy planning their vacations and keeping busy with the kids home from school.  Adding a friend to the family is usually not high on the priority list.  What is quite popular during this time are surrenders.  With everyone busy they find they don’t have or want to spend the time to take care of their bunnies. So summer for us is usually slow for adoptions but high for surrenders.  We can only take a bunny if one gets adopted.  Luckily for Luv A Bun we had a very active summer despite the odds being against us 🙂  We had 15 adoptions during the summer months.  We are so fortunate that we found loving indoor homes for these 15 bunnies and in turn were able to save 15 more.  Pictured are Koko, Bob, Polo and Sammie – you lucky buns!!!

Simba’s Pride – Four Weeks Old

The bunnies are just too cute for words.  They hop, they binky, and they poop a lot! 🙂  They have not even thought about the idea of going potty in the litter box.  But that is okay, they get to use their cuteness card on this one!  They ventured outside to play in their “Bunny Bungalow”.  They loved binking in the grass and digging in the dirt.   They have weaned themselves and are getting full bellies from eating alfalfa hay and pellets.  I can’t believe they are four weeks old already!

Simba’s Pride – Three Weeks Old

Simba’s Pride is just so adorable. They made their big debut with professional photographer Stacey Chen from Kiwi Photography.  She loves bunnies and loves to take their pictures.  She captured some beautiful moments of the bunnies at this tender young age.  Thank you Stacey!!! The babies are hopping about and are eating hay and pellets, but their favorite meal still comes from their mommy!  They are getting used to all the attention we dote on them and are becoming quite the personable little buns.  Whenever we walk past their cage they run up to say hello.  When we open and put our faces in, they put their paws on us and touch us with their lil’ wee whiskers.  They are just too precious. 

Broken Simba

Confused, frightened and broken, Simba the three month old mini lion head sits at the vet office unknowingly awaiting surgery.  Simba doesn’t know what lies ahead but he knows all too well what he left behind.  He knows he didn’t ask to be born into a petting zoo as a token of entertainment.  He knows he didn’t ask to be sold at a spring family festival for profit.  He knows he didn’t ask to be given up by his family after only a month of being loved.  Simba certainly knows for sure that he didn’t ask to have his leg broken.  This is Simba’s story…Family Festivals are crowded with parents and their children.  What better place to sell merchandise and products…and animals.  These petting zoos, pet stores, breeders, whatever you want to call them, attend family festivals and activities so they can quickly sell their cute baby animals to parents who want to please their children. These animals are sold for profit without regard or much thought to their well being – they are being sold on impulse, on heart strings but not on common sense.  Simba was purchased on a whim at one such Palm Beach County festival.  The family loved him but quickly realized they didn’t have the ability to care for a rabbit. They weren’t sure how to get “rid” of their bunny so they contacted, My Whole Pet Store in Royal Palm Beach non-reputable pet store.  Of course, they gladly took the bunny to resell it.  Simba was dumped in a large pen with many other bunnies who do not look kindly on “trespassers”. While Simba was dealing with many territorial bunnies who were protecting their staked out real-estate, Simba’s family had a change of heart and returned to bring him back home.  They were glad to have him back in their arms and were quite surprised to see his back leg was mysteriously deformed.  Upon examination from a vet, it was confirmed that his leg was broken.  This broken leg led to a broken heart as the young family knew they could not afford the expensive surgery.  They contacted us for help and we could not turn our back on this little guy – after all –he didn’t ask for any of this to happen.  Simba is currently at the Lantana Atlantis Animal Hospital awaiting surgery for his broken rear leg.  His bones are so fragile and frail Dr. Love is not sure if the pins and plates will work.  If the bone splinters the only solution to his healing is amputation.  What happened in the 10 minutes that he was left in the pet store will forever remain a mystery.  Was he dropped? Was he attacked? Did his leg get caught in the pen?  We will never know because the pet store will never tell us; they were neglectful and handed over a broken bunny. Looking at the past at the events that Simba never asked for is no longer…instead we look into the future and towards the one thing Simba is asking for…a forever home. Simba is a trooper, a trooper with high hopes for a bright future.  

 Please consider making a donation on our website for Simba’s surgery.  And please give him a hug !

Blue-Eyed Beauty

When there is extra cage space at Luv A Bun, I am able assist Palm Beach County’s animal shelter by taking some bunnies.  This is so rewarding on many levels and I always look forward to the opportunity when I am able to do so.  On this particular visit, Animal Care and Control had many bunnies – perhaps 12.  There were no more shelter cages available as they were all taken by cats and the many rabbits. While there weren’t any more conventional cages left to hold bunnies, Animal Care and Control made accomodations by using donated rabbit cages and putting them on a table.  As I walked into the front room, I didn’t know where to look first…there were babies, lops, and fuzzy fluffy bunnies.  Some were scared and scrunched up in the corner of their cage while others stretched out in total contentment.  On the floor in a hay lined cage there was a little white bunny with beautiful blue eyes running in circles while making an unusual chirping sound.   I have never heard such a sound from a bunny before.   I knelt down next to his cage to say hello.  With excitement and curiosity he perched on his back feet to say a hello and quickly went  back to running in circles.  I took a look  at all the other bunnies but my eyes kept going back to the circling and chirping bunny that was behaving much like a locked up dog in a puppy mill.  I could see his outgoing personality was stifled and not able to shine….he was abandoned…he lost his home…he was left at a shelter. I went over and touched his nose and told him there would be no more nervous circling or anxious chirping for him…he was coming with me, to Luv A Bun Rabbit Rescue.

Gary… a dancing bunny who needs extra bunny cuddles…

One day someone was browsing through Craigslist reading about all the animals that needed new homes.  She saw a post about a little gray bunny that was no longer wanted.  With curiosity, she read the post and clicked on the provided YouTube link.  The video was promised to bring laughter…after all it was about a dancing bunny.  Upon watching the video she did not see a dancing bunny but a mistreated bunny as it was violently swung back and forth by a two year old.  With laughter in the background of the video this nice person knew she needed to go and get this bunny.  Gary is now safe and happy at Luv A Bun but due to his previous career as a “dancing bunny” he needs an extra daily hug and a little more bunny snuggles to learn to trust again.  GarGarGary,Luv A Bun and bunny fans are giving you lots of cyber hugs and kisses!!!

Look at these cuties!!!

Baby BunniesAren’t they just too cute for words????  They were born in a shelter in Melbourne.  The shelter called me to see if I can take them and their mommy because they were in danger of being euthanized. Luckily they called me at just the right time as I had just had several adoptions and was able to say, “YES”, we can help.  I love when that happens!!  They are about 4 weeks old in the pictures.