Easter is no Fun for a Real Bun…Make Mine Chocolate Instead.

A week after Easter, the candy will be forgotten.  Sadly, so will the rabbit.  Thousands of bunnies are bought for children at Easter only to find two months later, the shelters and rescues are inundated with people wanting to get “rid” of their Easter Bunny.  The novelty of the cute bunny in the basket has gone and the love and devotion the children professed , sadly, has all worn away.  Rabbits require and deserve love and proper care just like any other pet.  Please encourage parents, relatives, and friends to buy chocolate or toy bunnies to decorate their Easter baskets instead of a real bunny. www.makeminechocolate.org

Happy Easter isn’t Always Hoppy for a Bunny

This year, rabbits are even more popular and likely to be “gifts” because of the popularity of the new Easter-themed animated family movie “Hop.”

Even though rabbits make great pets, anyone considering adopting a rabbit should do their research first. Make sure you have the time and energy to commit to their care. Rabbits are not “low maintenance” pets. They live an average of 10-12 years and are fragile animals who need special care and have special veterinary needs. They require a lot of socialization and cannot be confined to a cage all time.

Rabbits may not grow up to be the cute and cuddly creatures portrayed on greeting cards and are not always child-friendly pets. They tend to become easily frightened when picked up or restrained and may scratch or bite. Their instinct is to run away or bite when approached suddenly or when confronted by loud noises. Young children may find it difficult to interact with a rabbit and become disappointed when they realize they cannot hold and cuddle their new furry friend.

If after doing your research you decide that you can make the lifetime commitment to the care and maintenance of a bunny, please fill out an adoption application and…we look forward to hearing from you!

If  you decide that a rabbit is not the right pet for you and your family, please make this Easter a chocolate Easter!


Hoppy Endings

We just love hoppy endings!! Here is an update from Peter and his new family. Also, here is a picture of  another bunny who found his perfect hoppy ending – Zuko and his new friend, Rifka.

“Peter asked me to write to you and tell you that he is doing great! He wants to say hi to you and to the other bunnies waiting to be adopted! He says that it is great and don’t be scared! People will do whatever you want them to when you are this cute!! haha  He loves his new cage, and likes to go exploring in the living room. He refuses to touch the linoleum, so he won’t go in the kitchen or hallway, haha. He is a carpet only bunny. He loooves his head and chin petted so much he comes right up to us and asks for lovin all of the time. Out of the cage he has been sooo good, and isn’t scared hardly at all.  He lays down next to us on the floor and will almost go to sleep he gets so relaxed. It is so cute!”

Zuko has found his new forever friend with this special young lady, Rifka.

Zuko and his new friend.

Hoppy New Year from Luv A Bun

From all of us at Luv A Bun, we hope you have a hoppy 2011!!!

Choose to adopt Instead of Shop

Please make adoption your option and choose to adopt instead of shop.  There are too man;y homelss bunnies needing homes.  The pet stores make it all too easy for unsuspected walk-ins to fall in love with the 4 week old babies they have for sale.  We don’t have any 4  week old babies for adoption but we surely do have  a lot of awesome bunnies who desire deserve a home of their own.

Take some time and read through the website to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you and your family.  If you feel a rabbit is the right pet for you, please fill out an applcation.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Adoptions

Summertime.  The kids are out of school.  There is fun in the sun and many vacations to take.

Summertime means relaxation and memories with friends and family.  Summertime for rabbit rescues aren’t as busy.  Summer for rabbit rescues are the slow months for adoptions as people are busy planning their vacations and keeping busy with the kids home from school.  Adding a friend to the family is usually not high on the priority list.  What is quite popular during this time are surrenders.  With everyone busy they find they don’t have or want to spend the time to take care of their bunnies. So summer for us is usually slow for adoptions but high for surrenders.  We can only take a bunny if one gets adopted.  Luckily for Luv A Bun we had a very active summer despite the odds being against us 🙂  We had 15 adoptions during the summer months.  We are so fortunate that we found loving indoor homes for these 15 bunnies and in turn were able to save 15 more.  Pictured are Koko, Bob, Polo and Sammie – you lucky buns!!!

Bugz – A bunny with a lot of “mite”

Bugz was found running loose on a Delray Golf Course. Golfers reported him romping on the green for over 4 months.  When Bugz was finally caught, he was covered in mites from his ears to his toes to his tail.  We took him to the vet and he was infested with 4 different types of mites.  He was covered in them so badly that he had to be quarantined at Lantana/Atlantis Animal Hospital for a week.  These pictures were taken a few days after treatment.  You can imagine how bad it was.  All the mites responded well to the Revolution treatment and he is now in his tender loving foster home.    We are so glad to have been able to rescue him because this sweet poor boy was certainly suffering.

Simba’s Pride – Four Weeks Old

The bunnies are just too cute for words.  They hop, they binky, and they poop a lot! 🙂  They have not even thought about the idea of going potty in the litter box.  But that is okay, they get to use their cuteness card on this one!  They ventured outside to play in their “Bunny Bungalow”.  They loved binking in the grass and digging in the dirt.   They have weaned themselves and are getting full bellies from eating alfalfa hay and pellets.  I can’t believe they are four weeks old already!

Simba’s Pride – Three Weeks Old

Simba’s Pride is just so adorable. They made their big debut with professional photographer Stacey Chen from Kiwi Photography.  She loves bunnies and loves to take their pictures.  She captured some beautiful moments of the bunnies at this tender young age.  Thank you Stacey!!! The babies are hopping about and are eating hay and pellets, but their favorite meal still comes from their mommy!  They are getting used to all the attention we dote on them and are becoming quite the personable little buns.  Whenever we walk past their cage they run up to say hello.  When we open and put our faces in, they put their paws on us and touch us with their lil’ wee whiskers.  They are just too precious. 

Simba’s Pride – Two Weeks Old

Simba’s Pride is growing up so quickly.  They have opened their eyes and are on the go.  They don’t quite know where they are going but they are learning that mobility is fun.  They can now seek out mom and tackle her for some milk!   They have not yet discovered how to hop but instead “walk” around on their tippy toes.  It is so cute.  Their true colors are showing…we have 1 black, 1 agouti, 1 blue, 1 grey and the unmistakable white with black spots.  Pictured are Sarabi and Rafiki.