Thank You for Your Support!!!

The Bunny Barn is complete!!!  Thank you to all our supporters, volunteers, friends, and family who made this possible for the bunnies!!!  It was quite a long journey from meeting with the county for allowable set back dimensions, designing the building, completing the inside, to building the cages.   All the hard work was well worth it as the rescue bunnies have a great place to call their own until they find their forever homes!! Thanks again to everyone who helped!!!

Some hoppy help with building the bunny barn!

Our bunny friends lent a hoppy hand in building the bunny barn 🙂

Say “NO” to pet store cages and “YES” to creating your own!

Despite what the pet trade industry portrays, rabbits are not pets to be locked up in cages.  Pet store rabbit cages are too small even for the smallest of rabbits.  By the time you set up a litter box and bowls for food and water, there isn’t any room for them to move around freely.  We suggest using dog exercise pens, extra large dog crate, or building  a bunny condo.  All are very roomy and can be set up in different shapes.  You can line the bottom of the cage with coroplast for easy cleaning (found at Home Depot or any sign store). The ultimate goal for every house bunny is to leave the cage open and allow them free roam.  With the cage door open they can go back to their cage when they want to eat, use litter box or just want some quiet time.  Here are examples of some cages we suggest…

We Need Your Help!

Luv A Bun needs a building to house our current and future rescued rabbits.   We are in a time of need and are asking for donations so we can continue to help more bunnies.  So hear it goes…I am sending a big “SHOUT OUT” to all you bunny advocates out there, please help us be the voice for all those bunnies that need rescued from so many different situations – death row, from neglectful homes, and the abandoned bunnies who are all too often released into the wild. They all are in need of our help and LAB needs this structure to continue to rescue and help more rabbits.  If you would like to be a part of making this happen,  we would so appreciate it.  Any amount is appreciated, it all adds up and gets us closer to our goal!                                             This bunneh wabbit says “Thank You”!


Winter, Autumn and The Bunny Dude

One evening I received a phone call from a polite and well mannered older gentleman expressing his interest in adopting a pair of rabbits. We talked bunny talk for a while and he told me all about the cage he was going to custom build and how excited he was to adopt a pair of rabbits. When I did the home visit, I was pleasantly surprised by their new home, it wasn’t a cage at all but a castle, hand crafted by Bill himself.  The bunnies had their own air conditioned garage along with their 5 X 5 cage with a large rabbit pen attached to it.  These were going to be some happy bunnies!        I received an email from his wife today informing me that, sadly, Bill’s health is failing him and he can not take care of the bunnies any longer.  Winter and Autumn’s adoption fee is waived and all their supplies and toys along with their custom made cage goes with them.  We want to find these girls a new home so Bill can concentrate on getting better.  If you are interested in this cute pair, please visit our fill out an application. Hope to hear from you soon! Update…Winter and Autumn have found a new home!!!

In Remembrance…

In remembrance of a compassionate bunny foster.  Thank you for your love and dedication. Gary and Penelope will miss you.  May you be forever surrounded by hopping and happy bunnies. 

Baby Bunnies

These 5  little cuties are the newest additions to Luv A Bun.  Meet the gang:  Korra, Aang, Sokka, Toph,Katara.  They are precious, docile, and cuddly and can’t wait to meet their furever family. They are being fostered at Pets Supply Plus on Lantana and Jog. Stop in to see them and also maybe do some shopping.  Pet stores that support rescues instead of mills deserve lots of business!!! Pet Supply Plus is taking care of them, however, the entire adoption process is through Luv A Bun Rabbit Rescue, so please contact us for adoption information.

Bonds that Last

Rabbits are known for being social animals that enjoy the company of other bunnies.  When they bond with another bunny, this bond lasts for life  and the bond they form is remarkably deep.  Separating a bonded pair is very traumatic for the animals and should not done, if at all possible.  When one of the pair dies the survivor can go through a period of grieving and there are instances where the remaining bun will also die within a short time after losing his or her bond mate.


What most people do not know is that bunnies will bond to other species of animals.  It is more common for them to bond to cats than dogs and introducing a bun to these predatory species must be done very carefully.  Please see our write up on bunny bonding under Rabbit Care if you are considering bonding two rabbits, introducing buns to other animals should be done with extreme caution.  It is also worth noting that a single bunny will bond to his or her human companion as best they can, it is really a matter of how much time and effort the people can put forth for the rabbit.


Pictured is a bonded cat and bunny that is up for adoption at the Humane Society of Broward County.  These two illustrate the fact that buns do bond with other species and should not be separated, if at all possible.


Bun & Kitty


If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair, here is a link to the B.H.S. wed site – Broward Humane Society


Educational Outreach

Rabbit at Desk


One of the most important things we do here at Luv-a-Bun is educate people about the proper care of rabbits.


Our volunteers have given educational presentations to a variety of groups and are always looking for new groups, or even individuals, who are interested in learning about these complex animals.


Contact us at info@luvabun.net, or leave a note in the comments section,  if you are interested in having Luv-a-Bun do a presentation on rabbit care for your group, class, or club.  If you are an individual looking for more information and assistance on rabbit care please read the section here on rabbit care and then feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about caring for your bun.


Spay and Neuter Just isn’t for Dogs and Cats Anymore!

Spaying or neutering your bunny is important for many reasons.  First, it will prevent the birth of more bunnies – which there is such and overabundance one to which we certainly do not need to contribute.  Second, it is important for health reasons.  Female rabbits who are not spayed are most certainly going to get cancer.  The third reason is it keeps the males from spraying and marking their territory.  It also helps the females with their moody hormonal cycles.

Many people are realizing that spaying or neutering your pet bunny is a priority and we have received many requests for information on low-cost clinics.  Below is a list of low-cost clinics where you can get your bunny fixed.

Royal Palm Beach

Luv A Pet Surgical Mash Unit is a non-profit mobile spay and neuter clinic that services dogs, cats and rabbits. The best way to make an appointment with Luv A Pet is through contacting Barbara through email at           luvapetmashunit@yahoo.com.  For more information please visit their website at www.luvapet.net.


Dr. Marc Kramer and  The Meow Mobile is a non-profit mobile pet spay and neuter clinic that fixes cats and rabbits.

(305) 233 – 9958    catnetwork@me.com   http://www.meowmobile.com/Miami_Meow_Mobile/Kramer.html

Ft. Pierce

Tri-County Animal Hospital is a bit north but when the other clinics are full it may be worth the drive if you need to get your bunny fixed quickly.  The price is $180 which is more than the low cost clinics but certainly lower than most vet clinics.

Tri-County Animal Hospital   Fort Pierce, FL 34950 772-461-1311