Our goal is to find a “Hoppy Ending” for everyone of our Luv A Bun bunnies.  Each bunny that comes through the rescue has a special place in our hearts.  We love them while they are in our care and we love them after they have been adopted.  We always enjoy the updates and check-ins we receive from all our adoptive homes.



Scooter was an Easter present for a child. Once the child lost interest he was sent to live a lonely life in a garage.  Being banished to the garage without much interaction and no exercise is not the life for a bunny.  It was his lucky day when a neighbor intervened and asked if she could help.  Reluctantly the “owners” gave him up.  The dog rescue wasn’t sure how to take care of him so they contacted Luv A Bun.  Luckily, we just had an adoption and we were able to take him.  Scooter made his way all the way down here from Beverly Hills, Florida and is happy to be frolicking in the company of many other rabbits.

Adoption Update: Scooter is awesome!  He and Juliana are best buddies.  She plays with him everyday  when she comes home from school and lets him run around the rabbit proofed playroom for exercise.  It is so cute how he cuddles up under her chin.  He only does it to her and not to me.  He seems very happy, eats well and is doing great with the litter box.  Thanks for everything 🙂




Socks came from a shelter in Melbourne where he was destined to be euthanized and Elizabeth Anne “Lizzy” was found in a Petco dumpster.   Luckily for Lizzy, a Petco employee found her before she went out with the trash.

Adoption Update:  Trying to bond Bunny Boy and Precious is challenging but we are working through it. After a while I turned on the vacuum briefly to distract them from wanting to chase each other – it shook them up and I think helped as well. As I was re-doing the cage with the zip ties I noticed it was real quiet, which piqued my curiousity, and I looked in the kitchen and saw him grooming her.  It’s so funny when Bunny Boy zooms around the living room like its a race track, and Precious hops on the couch and makes herself comfortable.




Justice is a sweet 9 month old neutered male who came from Animal Care and Control.  He is sweet and likes to cuddle.

Adoption Update:  Justice is wonderful! Everything is going great. We all love him so much! All the kids like him. He loves to be held and brushed . I think he is going to be a very spoiled bunny!!




Jelly and Bean were rescued by a dog and cat rescue when they were just days old.  They made their way to us and they found a wonderful new home with Lisa!

Adoption Update: Jelly & Bean are doing great.  Bean is really friendly and he comes up to me and tries to groom me sometimes.  They do a lot of flopping and sleeping, and they like to run around.  I saw them binky-ing starting two nights ago.






Cleopatra was rescued from a backyard neighhborhood auction.  The couple who happened across this event couldn’t leave without her.  They weren’t sure what they were going to do with her but they knew for sure they were not leaving her there.  Freckles was an owner surrender who lost his mate of 7 years. RIP Daisy.  Cleo and Freckles were adopted together.  They never bonded but are living like the King and Queen they are.

Adoption Update:  Cleo runs the house.  She loves having the freedom to do as SHE wishes…She wants to be pet when SHE feels like it, she wants to go out when SHE wants to, she wants to come in when SHE’S darn good and ready…quite the snooty thing…royalty, if you will.  She tolerates other people in the house, but likes me best.  She runs the cats off if they look at her wrong but tolerates the Dalmatian.  Strangely enough, she does NOT run off the blind cat (who doesn’t even know she’s there), but does not hesitate in running the others off…her favorite is to chase one out of the yard until he jumps over the fence into the neighbor’s yard.  Then she smirks triumphantly.  It’s almost a nightly ritual they play.  But again, not with the blind cat?  (nature is amazing).  Freckles has no interest in bonding with Cleo and wants to stay in his cage most of the time.  As an older bun I suppose a low-key environment is what he like best!




Piper was surrendered to the rescue because she was no longer wanted.  She has since found a loving home with a new best bunny friend.

Adoption Update: Piper is SUPER sweet.  She’s already coming over for head-scratching, and was grinding her teeth when I was rubbing her head.  It took Thumper MONTHS to approach me for affection, but today I just held out my hand and she came over and sat down basically under it.  🙂



This rabbit needs to be the next top model for Maybelline! She wears her eyeliner so glamourously! Maybelline is a purebred Hotot rabbit and is small and petite. She has spent her life in an elementary school being passed around from classroom to classroom until a kind person decided to take her out of that stressful situation and contacted us for help. Maybelline loves being in her foster home, she thinks she is at bunny camp!  Due to her previous living conditions, Maybelline has some cage aggression and is currently going to Ms. Manner’s classes to learn how to act appropriately 🙂 With a lot of love and patience she is coming around nicely. Levi was abandoned at Animal Care and Control.  He is an awesome bunny who is social as can be.  Maybelline and Levi came into the rescue 1.5  years apart and met when Maybelline came back for 2 weeks for bunny boarding.  They instantly fell in love and Maybelline’s adoptive home couldn’t leave without Levi.  Perhaps they couldn’t resist each other because they look the same!!!

Adoption Update:  After a lot of love and patience, Maybelline is not aggressive anymore.  She has learned to trust and has let go of her traumatic experience of being a classroom bunny.  Levi and Maybelline love each other and it is great to see them snuggle together.   



Oliver is a mini rex, dwarf neutered male with beautiful blue eyes.  He is a very friendly, social, and active rabbit who loves to run around and investigate.  There is never a dull moment with Oliver! Oliver was a favorite at his foster home.  Many were sad but glad to see him go to his new forever home.  Check out his featured story on our home page – Blue-eyed Beauty.

Adoption Update: Oliver has firmly settled in as the King of the house, and is enjoying his “job” as chief dog herder.   My two old dogs spend a lot of their time when Oliver is around being herded from one room to the other. As you had said, Oliver is not a bunny to sit around and be cuddled for long periods of time,  he will sit on the girls laps for a brief time and let them pet him, but then he is off .  A favorite game of his when you are firmly relaxed on the couch is to come tearing up and hop right on your chest, stare you right in the eye and then bolt away.  He also likes to tear around in the living room, just hopping and kicking.  He is firmly entrenched as part of our family, even my husband loves him, ( I hear him early in the morning playing with him when nobody else is up) and rest assured he is safe and well taken care of.  Right now he is under my desk inspecting my feet.

Angle Hare

Angel Hare and her siblings were the product of a back yard ‘breeder’ who supplied pet stores with rabbits. Unfortunately, when the house was foreclosed the ‘breeder’ abandoned the bunnies and left them for dead.  After several weeks, a kind hearted neighbor discovered the situation and took matters into her own hands and called our rescue for help.  Angel came into our rescue needing surgery due to  severe incisor tooth malocclusion.  She is missing 3 front teeth and also has one front tooth that is so extremely overgrown that it is actually curling back up into her lip – like an elephant’s tusk – prohibiting her from properly closing her mouth.  She is doing wonderfully after her surgery and is much happier!  Angel was adopted to a family who wanted their neutered male rabbit to have friend.  Kasper and Angel instantly fell in love and never had a cross moment between the two of them! 🙂

Adoption Update: Hey Megan,  Kasper is an awesome best friend to Angel – I’ve even seen a change in HIM – he’s not as finicky as he was before.  He’s more relaxed and seems to be quite happier.  He’s with her most of the time-grooming and just laying beside her, but then he gives her some space and goes off to another part of the patio.  Also, she did not accept food FROM me for the first few days, but today – another breakthrough – I had picked up the curly leaf parsley the other day and thought I’d try again to offer it to her.  She gobbled it right up from my hands.  Then she enjoyed romaine lettuce from my hands and a couple of seedless grapes I had cut in half.  She’s so cute with those missing front teeth – she reminds me of how a horse will take food from you with their lips.  She’s slowly learning that this is her forever home – I love it.   What an awesome experience.



Pie is fitting in beautifully to her new home. She has supervised full run of the house and access to her cage all day. She also has a five room above-ground rabbit hole made of cardboard boxes. It’s like a dark little maze and she spends hours in there chewing and shredding the floors.

She eats great and seems extremely healthy and happy. The second day here she was binkying all over the rugs. Though she has never had a bathroom accident on the rugs or anywhere else. She is very well house-trained. She also knows her name! We can get her to come out of her rabbit hole by calling her name and shaking the treat bag.

One of her favorite things to do is jump on the couch and sprint back-and-forth until she is out of breath. This is hilarious to watch. And, very soon Pie will have a little sister to bounce around here with as I a bringing home a baby doe. Thanks for your help Megan. Pie, or “Sugar Pie” as we call her, is very loved and has found her forever home.


FIONA I wanted to update you about Fiona…you knew her as Sierra. She is George are loving life. They love their cheerios in the morning and their array of fruits and veggies. The live indoors and love life. Once in a while, Fiona is able to escape from her enclosure, but waits patiently for me to come out of my bedroom to say hi and runs back to her bed. Her and George are a very happy bonded couple.


Blue and Bob I’ve Been meaning to send you some pictures of Blue and Bob, they are doing awesome.    They get along great, Blue mainly stays in the pen area as Bob runs around the house and sits in corners watching everything.  Bob is extremely curious,  He loves bothering the dogs and is constantly cleaning Blue and vise versa.   Bob sits on top of Blue  once in a while, not sure why but she seems to be fine with it.  They are a happily bonded couple.