Who We Are and What We Do

Luv-A-Bun is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization who rescues domesticated abandoned and neglected rabbits. All bunnies are kept in loving foster homes and are provided with medical and rehabilitative care, socialized, spayed or neutered, and litter box trained. We interview and properly educate each applicant to make sure that every rabbit finds a wonderful indoor loving home. We are dedicated to improving the lives of companion rabbits through education on how to properly care for a house rabbit.  We only accept a limited amount of rabbits into our rescue at a time as our goal is quality care over quantity.

Luv A Bun is Palm Beach County’s only 501c3 registered non-profit rabbit rescue.  We began rescuing in 2008 and since then have rescued and placed hundreds of rabbits into loving homes. Luv-A-Bun does not have a shelter but instead relies on foster homes to care for our rabbits. Our caring and compassionate foster homes are dedicated to improving the lives of neglected bunnies by providing love, nursing them back to health, and promoting adoptions.


Our goal as a rabbit rescue is to find quality indoor permanent homes for our rescued rabbits and to provide education to adoptive families as well as to the general public. Additionally, we will endeavor to promote the adoption of rabbits from local shelters and provide pre and post adoptive educational support.  Our visionary mission as a rabbit rescue is to obtain our own facility and expand our educational program to include school visits and educate as many people as we can on how to properly take care of a house rabbit.

Adopting from Luv-A-Bun

When you adopt a rabbit from Luv-A-Bun you are not only getting a rabbit but a network of educational resources. Being educated on rabbit care and behavior is a very important factor when deciding whether a house rabbit is the right pet for your family and lifestyle. We provide adoptive families with all the education they need to start a happy life with their new friend. We are always a phone call or email away and we encourage you to contact us if you are ever uncertain about your rabbit’s behavior or care. We care about each and every one of the rabbits that enter our rescue – while they are in our care and after they are adopted.

Don’t breed or buy while homeless rabbits die.

There are too many homeless bunnies!

Shelters and rescues across the nation are seeing record numbers for abandoned and surrendered rabbits. Thousands of rabbits are euthanized at animal shelters each year. If you can find room in your home, please consider helping by adopting or fostering a bunny in need – you’ll be saving a life. Literally.

Rabbits need rescuers like every other animal. Except, for rabbits, finding a compassionate following is a bit more of a challenge. Domestic rabbits are classified as livestock and as pets. Because of the livestock classification they are used in laboratories for testing, farmed for food and fur, and the lucky few are kept as companion animals.

Happy rabbits are fun!