One evening I received a phone call from a polite and well mannered older gentleman expressing his interest in adopting a pair of rabbits. We talked bunny talk for a while and he told me all about the cage he was going to custom build and how excited he was to adopt a pair of rabbits. When I did the home visit, I was pleasantly surprised by their new home, it wasn’t a cage at all but a castle, hand crafted by Bill himself.  The bunnies had their own air conditioned garage along with their 5 X 5 cage with a large rabbit pen attached to it.  These were going to be some happy bunnies!        I received an email from his wife today informing me that, sadly, Bill’s health is failing him and he can not take care of the bunnies any longer.  Winter and Autumn’s adoption fee is waived and all their supplies and toys along with their custom made cage goes with them.  We want to find these girls a new home so Bill can concentrate on getting better.  If you are interested in this cute pair, please visit our fill out an application. Hope to hear from you soon! Update…Winter and Autumn have found a new home!!!