Rabbits are known for being social animals that enjoy the company of other bunnies.  When they bond with another bunny, this bond lasts for life  and the bond they form is remarkably deep.  Separating a bonded pair is very traumatic for the animals and should not done, if at all possible.  When one of the pair dies the survivor can go through a period of grieving and there are instances where the remaining bun will also die within a short time after losing his or her bond mate.


What most people do not know is that bunnies will bond to other species of animals.  It is more common for them to bond to cats than dogs and introducing a bun to these predatory species must be done very carefully.  Please see our write up on bunny bonding under Rabbit Care if you are considering bonding two rabbits, introducing buns to other animals should be done with extreme caution.  It is also worth noting that a single bunny will bond to his or her human companion as best they can, it is really a matter of how much time and effort the people can put forth for the rabbit.


Pictured is a bonded cat and bunny that is up for adoption at the Humane Society of Broward County.  These two illustrate the fact that buns do bond with other species and should not be separated, if at all possible.


Bun & Kitty


If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair, here is a link to the B.H.S. wed site – Broward Humane Society