Bunnies and More Bunnies!

We have many adorable bunnies for adoption!!! Please save a life and consider adoption over shopping! image image image image image

Sequin Jewelry Supports LAB!

imageSequin Jewelry offers high fashion and stylish jewelry in their multiple stores throughout the United States. Many of their pieces can be found on models walking the runways and the jewelry of choice by celebrities being featured in magazines. But Sequin is more than jewelry. Sequin also gives back to the community by supporting animal rescues. All the bunnies at Luv A bun want to send out a big thank you to Kim for choosing to help the bunnies here at our rescue!! For more information please visit www. sequin-ny.com

Easter is no Fun For a Bun!



We are over capacity…

We are currently over capacity and are not able to take in any bunnies at this time.  Unfortunately, we do not enough foster homes and volunteers to accommodate  the amount of rabbits needing our assistance. We wish we could be of more assistance to those in need; we wish we could rescue them all.  If you found a rabbit you can contact Animal Care and Control at 561 233 -1200. The Humane Society of Broward County takes in a limited amount of rabbits as well as the SPCA of Ft. Lauderdale Wildlife Center.  Please call these shelters for availability, as they may be at capacity as well.

Sequin Jewelry Fundraiser

Sequin jewelry stores are donating 100% of the proceeds to our rescue!!! Sequin offers top quality, stylish, and one of a kind jewelry.  All pieces are $35.  Email us at info@luvabun.net to tell us which one you would like and you can pay on our YouCaring donation widget on our website  or mail us a check made out to Luv A Bun Rabbit Rescue.  Thank you so much for your support!!!! Quantities are limited so order soon!!!!




Low cost bunny spay and neuters by Exotic Vet, Marc Kramer

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To schedule an appointment –

call: 305- 387-0721

email:  lovetheanimals@me.com

location: Pou Veterinary Group 11549 North Kendall Drive Miami Fl, 33176


Confused and…

Confused and Saddened as he wonders why his humans threw him away. Confused and Lonely as he wonders why he is no longer loved. Confused and Frightened as he tries to find safety in an unknown world; not knowing how to hide safely from predators; not knowing to stay away from traffic. Confused and Hurt, lying on the side of the rode, victim to a four wheeled monster…finding himself with more than just a broken heart. Confused and Lonely wondering why his humans threw him away.

Tragically, this adorable rabbit was hit by a car in the middle of the night and left all alone stranded on the side of the road.  Luckily, instead of another human failing him, one rescued him, took him home, and called us immediately the next morning.  We arranged for his treatment and we found out he has a severely broken leg and pelvis.  He is not healthy enough for surgery so he is being kept comfortable on pain medicine until he is strong enough to undergo anesthesia.  But the journey isn’t over yet…please help us get him on the road to recovery and please donate to his care.  

The South Florida Fair is here…

Please hep spread the word to not buy the  bunnies for sale at the South Florida Fair.  Bunnies are a 10 year commitment and getting one should not be decided upon on a whim.    The bunnies at the fair are not housed properly – they are living on wire cage floors and put on display for people to poke and prod at them. They are not fed properly; instead of hay and a handful of pellets, they are only fed pellets and carrots only – no hay.  Please educate others that adopting instead of shopping helps saves lives on bunnies in need.

Help Support Us and get a free bunny wrap ring :)

Small Pet Select is giving back to our rescue… and to you!! For anyone who buys timothy hay or pellets they will send you an adorable bunny wrap ring.






Additionally, they will donate 10% of your sale to Luv-A-Bun when you use the coupon code: LUVRING.  Small Pet Select’s goal is to raise $25,000 for rescues this year.  Please join them in their efforts and visit their website to make a purchase and receive your free gift!

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