Rabbit Care 101

Come join Heather from Luv A Bun and learn all about properly caring for a house rabbit. 

Confused and…

Confused and Saddened as he wonders why his humans threw him away. Confused and Lonely as he wonders why he is no longer loved. Confused and Frightened as he tries to find safety in an unknown world; not knowing how to hide safely from predators; not knowing to stay away from traffic. Confused and Hurt, lying on the side of the rode, victim to a four wheeled monster…finding himself with more than just a broken heart. Confused and Lonely wondering why his humans threw him away.

Tragically, this adorable rabbit was hit by a car in the middle of the night and left all alone stranded on the side of the road.  Luckily, instead of another human failing him, one rescued him, took him home, and called us immediately the next morning.  We arranged for his treatment and we found out he has a severely broken leg and pelvis.  He is not healthy enough for surgery so he is being kept comfortable on pain medicine until he is strong enough to undergo anesthesia.  But the journey isn’t over yet…please help us get him on the road to recovery and please donate to his care.  

Learn About Bunny Care

The South Florida Fair is here…

Please hep spread the word to not buy the  bunnies for sale at the South Florida Fair.  Bunnies are a 10 year commitment and getting one should not be decided upon on a whim.    The bunnies at the fair are not housed properly – they are living on wire cage floors and put on display for people to poke and prod at them. They are not fed properly; instead of hay and a handful of pellets, they are only fed pellets and carrots only – no hay.  Please educate others that adopting instead of shopping helps saves lives on bunnies in need.

Help Support Us and get a free bunny wrap ring :)

Small Pet Select is giving back to our rescue… and to you!! For anyone who buys timothy hay or pellets they will send you an adorable bunny wrap ring.






Additionally, they will donate 10% of your sale to Luv-A-Bun when you use the coupon code: LUVRING.  Small Pet Select’s goal is to raise $25,000 for rescues this year.  Please join them in their efforts and visit their website to make a purchase and receive your free gift!

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Thank You for Your Support!!!

The Bunny Barn is complete!!!  Thank you to all our supporters, volunteers, friends, and family who made this possible for the bunnies!!!  It was quite a long journey from meeting with the county for allowable set back dimensions, designing the building, completing the inside, to building the cages.   All the hard work was well worth it as the rescue bunnies have a great place to call their own until they find their forever homes!! Thanks again to everyone who helped!!!

Some hoppy help with building the bunny barn!

Our bunny friends lent a hoppy hand in building the bunny barn :)

Say “NO” to pet store cages and “YES” to creating your own!

Despite what the pet trade industry portrays, rabbits are not pets to be locked up in cages.  Pet store rabbit cages are too small even for the smallest of rabbits.  By the time you set up a litter box and bowls for food and water, there isn’t any room for them to move around freely.  We suggest using dog exercise pens, extra large dog crate, or building  a bunny condo.  All are very roomy and can be set up in different shapes.  You can line the bottom of the cage with coroplast for easy cleaning (found at Home Depot or any sign store). The ultimate goal for every house bunny is to leave the cage open and allow them free roam.  With the cage door open they can go back to their cage when they want to eat, use litter box or just want some quiet time.  Here are examples of some cages we suggest…

We Need Your Help!

Luv A Bun needs a building to house our current and future rescued rabbits.   We are in a time of need and are asking for donations so we can continue to help more bunnies.  So hear it goes…I am sending a big “SHOUT OUT” to all you bunny advocates out there, please help us be the voice for all those bunnies that need rescued from so many different situations – death row, from neglectful homes, and the abandoned bunnies who are all too often released into the wild. They all are in need of our help and LAB needs this structure to continue to rescue and help more rabbits.  If you would like to be a part of making this happen,  we would so appreciate it.  Any amount is appreciated, it all adds up and gets us closer to our goal!                                             This bunneh wabbit says “Thank You”!